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Kevin Durant Video Embed List

    1. Kevin Durant declines $31.5M player option, weighing free agency options | First Take
      Duration: 4:35

    2. What Kevin Durant opting out means for his future | The Jump
      Duration: 2:47

    3. Jalen reacts to Iguodala saying the Warriors downplayed his 2018 injury - What about KD? | Get Up
      Duration: 4:43

    4. Stephen A. hearing James Dolan, Knicks reluctant to offer Kevin Durant the max contract | First Take
      Duration: 2:54

    5. Jalen Rose rejects Andre Iguodala’s prediction: Kevin Durant is going to the Knicks! | Get Up
      Duration: 5:37

    6. A 'moment of truth' could be coming involving Kyrie, Kevin Durant and the Nets - Woj | Woj & Lowe
      Duration: 4:40

    7. Max Kellerman doubts if Kevin Durant will ever be the same after Achilles injury | First Take
      Duration: 7:13

    8. [BREAKING NEWS] $221.3M/5 years is max deal for Kevin Durant if he signs with Warriors
      Duration: 12:17

    9. Kevin Durant to become free agent | Breaking News | CBS Sports HQ
      Duration: 9:59

    10. Skip Bayless still believes Kevin Durant will not re-sign with the Warriors | NBA | UNDISPUTED
      Duration: 13:25

    11. Stephen A. Smith REACTS TO Kevin Durant declines $31.5M player option, will become free agent
      Duration: 5:50

    12. Kevin Durant Saves Warriors Legacy Like MJ!Warriors vs Raptors UNREAL Final Minutes!
      Duration: 3:04

    13. Kevin-durant

    14. Kevin Durant's Best Play From Every Game Of The 2018-2019 Season
      Duration: 13:17

    15. Jalen Rose’s free agency predictions: Kawhi stays, Kevin Durant leaves | Get Up
      Duration: 6:27

    16. UNDISPUTED | ICE CUBE react to Kendricks Perkins says he expects Kevin Durant to go Brooklyn
      Duration: 11:04

    17. Rockets want Jimmy Butler; Klay Thompson might consider Clippers - Woj | Woj & Lowe
      Duration: 7:08

    18. Adrian Wojnarowski on Kevin Durant declines $31.5M option, enters free agency
      Duration: 14:02

    19. Kevin Durant SIGNING WITH NETS! & D'angelo Russell TO TIMBERWOLVES! Kyrie JOINING DURANT & MORE!
      Duration: 10:44

    20. KEVIN DURANT Chances to Return and What to Expect After Achilles Rupture
      Duration: 6:14