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Ben Carson Video Embed List

    1. Ben Carson on Trump's executive order tackling costly housing regulations
      Duration: 4:11

    2. Ben Carson: US is experiencing an affordable housing crisis
      Duration: 2:00

    3. Torch Talk Episode 4: HUD Secretary Ben Carson
      Duration: 4:10

    4. One-on-one with Ben Carson| ABC News
      Duration: 8:21

    5. Ben Carson Full Speech Supporting Trump
      Duration: 7:22

    6. Donald Trump visits Ben Carson's childhood home
      Duration: 2:22

    7. Dr. Ben Carson - Liberty University Convocation
      Duration: 40:14

    8. THINK BIG: FULL VIDEO - Ben Carson, M.D.
      Duration: 3:04

    9. Ben Carson talks ‘all lives matter,’ immigration reform
      Duration: 7:43

    10. Ben Carson defends removing illegal immigrants from public housing
      Duration: 5:24

    11. HUD Sec. Carson on white supremacists, public housing and that dining room set
      Duration: 9:34

    12. REO or Oreo? Ben Carson mistakes housing term for cookie - BBC News
      Duration: 0:50

    13. Ben Carson dissects a plastic brain on politics
      Duration: 2:40

    14. HUD Secretary Ben Carson confuses real estate term REO for "Oreos"
      Duration: 1:18

    15. Ben Carson responds to calls for his resignation following House testimony
      Duration: 8:35

    16. Elizabeth Warren And Ben Carson Spar Over HUD Money Going To Donald Trump Empire | CNBC
      Duration: 3:44

    17. HUD Sec. Ben Carson on Housing Reform and Fannie, Freddie Conservatorship
      Duration: 9:28

    18. Ben Carson - Liberty University Convocation
      Duration: 31:01

    19. Ben Carson: I had fun on the debate stage with Trump
      Duration: 6:00

    20. Dr. Ben Carson vs. Dr. Ken Carson: The Doctors Debate: The Daily Show
      Duration: 5:43