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Boris Johnson Video Embed List

    1. Boris Johnson claims he is 'confident' EU will shift its position on backstop
      Duration: 0:55

    2. Boris Johnson claims EU will back down, EU warns Britains would be BIGGEST LOSERS if no deal Brexit
      Duration: 2:37

    3. Boris Johnson: 'I want a deal but we must be ready for no deal'
      Duration: 1:56

    4. Jeremy Corbyn delivers speech on Labour's vision for Britain – watch live
      Duration: 1:12:15

    5. Labour's Laura Pidcock says PM is 'shielded from the effects of no-deal Brexit'
      Duration: 10:18

    6. 'A Kinder egg?': Boris Johnson shocked to hear prisoners' smuggling techniques
      Duration: 0:28

    7. 'A mindless and brutal crime' Boris Johnson on the murder of PC Andrew Harper
      Duration: 2:25

    8. Boris Johnson: Brexit opponents 'collaborating' with EU - BBC News
      Duration: 5:02

    9. Boris Johnson calls killing of PC Andrew Harper a 'mindless and brutal crime'
      Duration: 0:46

    10. UK prepared to leave the EU with no agreement
      Duration: 0:28

    11. Johnson Preps Visit to Germany, France as Corbyn Gears Up for Election
      Duration: 2:07

    12. Philip Hammond accuses Boris Johnson of sinking chances for new Brexit deal
      Duration: 4:10

    13. Europe and MPs collaborating to block Brexit, claims Boris Johnson | ITV News
      Duration: 2:53

    14. Boris Johnson: watch the prime minister's first ever People's PMQs
      Duration: 2:11

    15. More Prisons and Guards! Boris Johnson Wants a Massive Expansion of Police State in UK!
      Duration: 3:05

    16. Jeremy Corbyn urges MPs to back Labour plan to block no deal Brexit
      Duration: 1:09

    17. Boris Johnson: People's PMQs | 14.09.19
      Duration: 11:19

    18. Jeremy Corbyn vows to bring down Boris Johnson and lead temporary government
      Duration: 3:02

    19. Boris Johnson announces spending boost for prisons
      Duration: 8:52

    20. People's PMQs: Boris Johnson answers questions on Facebook Live – live
      Duration: 12:53