Channel 4 Debate

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Channel 4 Debate Video Embed List

    1. Britain's next PM: the Conservative Party leadership debate
      Duration: 1:14:23

    2. The Real Brexit Debate
      Duration: 47:44

    3. Tory leadership candidates take aim at no-show Boris in TV debate
      Duration: 2:01

    4. Tory candidates face each other in first televised debate | ITV News
      Duration: 2:49

    5. Brexit debate: What young people really think | #Brexit
      Duration: 22:02

    6. Jeremy Hunt calls Boris Johnson 'cowardly' for ducking TV debate
      Duration: 11:59

    7. The Big Brexit Debate: What does the UK really think?
      Duration: 52:25

    8. The most polite Brexit debate ever? With Michael Morpurgo and Robert Tombs
      Duration: 7:47

    9. Emergency Brexit debate LIVE
      Duration: 3:14:43

    10. MPs debate different options for Brexit - LIVE
      Duration: 4:32:00

    11. Tory leadership debate highlights as Johnson makes first appearance
      Duration: 1:55

    12. Brexit debate LIVE: MPs discuss Theresa May’s deal for the second day|#BREXIT
      Duration: 8:50:39

    13. Brexit debate as MPs prepare to vote on no deal|#BREXIT
      Duration: 6:45:54

    14. MPs debate taking control of Brexit LIVE
      Duration: 7:37:13

    15. Boris Johnson wins Tory leadership second ballot as Raab eliminated
      Duration: 16:38

    16. MPs debate formal change of Brexit date ahead of Brexit options results - LIVE
      Duration: 2:48:23

    17. Brexit debate LIVE: MPs discuss Theresa May’s deal for the final day|#BREXIT
      Duration: 5:54:34

    18. Brexit debate LIVE: MPs to vote on delaying Brexit|#BREXIT
      Duration: 6:42:52

    19. Brexit Debate: Ken Clarke on Brexit hangovers and amendments
      Duration: 29:08