Julian Osula

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Julian Osula Video Embed List

    1. Meet Billionaire Julian Osula Who Ordered Helicopter In Traffic
      Duration: 6:52

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    4. This is Julian Osula. He is the billionaire who ordered for a helicopter to come pick him
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    5. Entrepreneur, Julian Osula on international business trip
      Duration: 0:31

    6. Hilarious! Billionaire Julian Osula Ordered Helicopter After He Was Stuck In Traffic
      Duration: 1:16

    7. How Billionaire Julian Osula's Helicopter Landed at Benin-Ore Expressway
      Duration: 1:17

    8. OMG : See Luxury Birthday of Nigerian RICHEST kid( TEEN BILLIONAIRE)
      Duration: 12:11

    9. Julians Luxury
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    11. 10 Most Expensive Houses in Nigeria
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    12. Osula jäärada 12.01
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    13. SEE How Nigerian BILLIONAIRE Lockdown His Village WithMONEY
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    14. SEE How Young Nigerian Billionaire LOCK DOWN Lagos Buy 2 Lamborghini On His Birthday
      Duration: 11:08

    15. The House & Cars Of A Nigerian Billionaire You Will Be SHOCK TO SEE
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    16. Billionaire Nigerian Bored In Traffic Orders Helicopter To Pick Him up
      Duration: 5:00

    17. Meet Billionaire Osula Who Ordered Chopper In Traffic Gridlock
      Duration: 11:20

    18. Helicopter On Benin LagosRoadTraffic Nigeria Real StoryHD Film
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    19. Meet the Nigerian Billionaire who Ordered Chopper in Lagos Road ExpressTraffic
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    20. watch How helicopter picks a wealthy nigerian man from traffic hold up
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